The story begins when four young men with a shared Italian heritage and a passion for great food came together to rediscover some of the uniquely Italian treats they remembered from their childhood.

Having already set new standards for quality pizza in Australia, they decided to introduce Melbourne the hand-crafted gelato, desserts, crepes and cakes that played such an important role in so many of the family gatherings of their childhood.

“The word Artisan means to make something by traditional means, using high-quality ingredients. That’s what Meno Zero is all about.”

Keen to pay tribute to their heritage and to the treasured recipes that have been handed down through countless generations, they committed to use only the very finest ingredients, and to produce each product on the premises themselves.

With the support of a group of dedicated and ultra-friendly staff, our four boys have added that unmistakable touch of Italian passion in the heart of Doncaster East, and Meno Zero is born.

914a Doncaster Road

Doncaster East, 3109 VIC

(03) 9840 1867


Meno Zero - Gelato & Dessert Bar